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American Deep Dish Bar and Grill [Closed]

American style cooking in Hiroshima's Dobashi

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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2022

One night while wandering around Dobashi with a friend looking for a place to fill our hungry bellies we caught the scent of something tasty and garlic-y in the air. Following our noses led us to the front door of American Deep Dish which had a grill set up outside the door on which they were barbecuing some tasty looking cuts of garlic chicken. A sneaky and highly effective tactic as we walked in mouths watering.

Inside, the restaurant is quite big and has seating for about 40 people with standing room for many more which is a good thing as there is live music here from time to time. Just inside the door is a darts board, something I have yet to see in any other bar here in Hiroshima. And there were several flat screen televisions on the walls showing a rugby game between two indiscernible teams. There is an open terrace with seating at the front and bar seats at the counter as well as tables and chairs. The decor is a cross between modern and retro American. All you can eat & drink courses are available on request..

The menu is written in both Japanese and English and there is a decent selection of American beers. The first thing that jumped off the menu at me was chorizo, a beautiful, delicious Spanish sausage which up until that point I had not been able to find anywhere else in the city. In our excitement eating it we forgot to ask where they had managed to buy it. For our mains, my friend chose Asian BBQ pork and I ordered a good ol' fashioned cheese burger and onion rings. We shared an order of fries.

The food was really quite tasty. My burger had that lovely authentic grill taste and the bun was soft, fresh and delicious. However, for 650 yen I was expecting a bit more than just one lonely burger in the middle of an otherwise empty plate. My friend's pork was also quite tasty. The fat to meat ratio was a little too high for his taste though. A draft beer each rounded up our little American feast and I was good and full, and satisfied by the end. Having expected to get fries with my meal paying extra for a portion brought up the price of the meal to more than we had expected, but to be fair it was a big portion of fries. Neither of us went away hungry.

This is a good venue, serving tasty food, and if you're looking for American style cooking this isn't too far off the mark. The portion sizes aren't authentically American but the food is good, the atmosphere is nice and the music was surprisingly great.

And in my opinion, any restaurant that makes burgers that tasty and gives you tabasco sauce to spice them up with is ok in my books.


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