Seedless Watermelon Farm in Joso

A day of rural agriculture in Ibaraki

By Tom Roseveare    - 1 min read

Hidden away on a small estate in Toyoda, Joso city, Ibaraki, Okui-san spends his days tending to his growing, but modest, agricultural farm. Long since swapping the salaryman Tokyo lifestyle for this rural, laidback setting, Okui-san has spent the last few years expanding his range: myouga, ginger, eggplant, cucumbers, grapes, tougarashi, and of course, watermelons.

Perhaps his proudest achievement, Okui-san's suika watermelons are completely seedless, making for a much better eating experience! Whilst he doesn't sell his produce, he is keen to share his experiences and teach others how they can grow seedless watermelon by themselves, in his new, recently published book.

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