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Takahashi Tofu Shop & Cafe

In western Ibaraki’s Yachiyo area, you can find Takahashi Tofu Shop & Cafe, tucked away on the premises of the main, family-run tofu production business.

Born in 1958, Takahashi’s handmade tofu has earned a name for its quality tofu across Ibaraki prefecture. As a way to reach more customers, this new cafe opened in May 2021 inviting visitors to both taste freshly prepared tofu on-site and buy to take home with them.

Specialising in tofu-based items (including soy milk and okara) and vegan-friendly desserts, the family-friendly and healthy menu is suitable for smaller children, or those with egg- or milk intolerances or allergies. The business is sustainably run and aims to support local communities and rely on regional ingredients, such as Aogozen soya beans grown by students at Mito Agricultural High School.

The Yudofu (湯豆腐) lunch set meal is one of the standout items, comprising a feast of miniature tofu dishes including: premium boiled tofu, okara-based salad, vegetable quiche, tofu skin sashimi, fried Nama-age Dofu and Kyoto-style Ganmo — all served with rice and miso soup.

As well as outdoor seating, the play area and bouldering rig will keep younger visitors entertained before and after their meal.

Getting there

10 min drive from Bandai IC (Ken-O Expressway). Parking available.


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Kim a year ago
Aside from the tofu, I'm here for eateries that have areas for kids to play! 👏👏 Incentivizes a visit for me!
Kim a year ago
Yes, just makes the whole eating experience a lot more relaxed!
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Handmade tofu is divine. Make no mistake about it - if you have the choice, choose handmade each time. The taste is delightfully honest.
Bonson Lam a year ago
Home-made tofu is fantastic. I have tried it in Kyoto https://en.japantravel.com/kyoto/haru-cooking-class/1307, it reminds me of cream cheese with its rich, almost nutty flavour. It is excellent here that they are also supporting the Agricultural High School students.