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Kirishima Art Ranch and Horse Trust

Taiki Blizzard, Eishin Washington, and Hagino Real King

Located on the western side of the Kirishima Foothills, Kirishima Art Ranch offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding forests and mountains to go horseback riding, with a view of the prairies stretching as far as the eye can see. Even without going horseback riding, tourists can enjoy a superb view of the prairie and mountains, with colors and wildlife that change with each season.

Kirishima Art Ranch caters to all riders, from complete beginners to experienced riders. All visitors desiring to horseback ride can choose a course suited to their time and level. Advanced riders are free to choose a “one-day trekking course” whereas beginners and small children may ask Ranch staff members to help lead their horses so that they, too, can experience a safe and enjoyable ride.

For complete beginners (or children over 10), I would recommend the "30/60-Minute Trial Course.” In the Trial Course, you will be given a simple 15-minute lesson on how to manage a horse, after which you may go trekking on a grassland or woodland path unaided. Not to worry, however, because, for safety, guidance, and support, a staff member will accompany you the entire time.

For experienced riders, I suggest choosing the “2-Day, 1-Night Course,” which includes two 2-hour rides and overnight lodging in one of the ranch’s cottages. At the cottage, you will have the opportunity to interact with the horses that wander near your terrace. Once dark, you can admire the brilliant star-lit skies and bathe in the fresh night country air.

Adjacent to the Kirishima Art Ranch is the Horse Trust Institute, which cares for retired saddle and racehorses that have lost their homes. Among the famous horses found at the institute are Taiki Blizzard, Eishin Washington, and Hagino Real King. In all, the Institute is home to over twenty horses that are sponsored by over two-hundred sponsors and foster-owners. Although a reservation is needed, tourists are free to visit the Institute and watch the horses in their grazing areas. Your visit to the Kirishima Art Ranch may be a lot of fun. In contrast, an hour spent watching the serenity of the horses at the Horse Trust Institute as they gently graze in nature may give you a sense of peace.

The Ranch is open from 9:30 am - 5 pm everyday throughout the year.

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The rides and the stays at the cottages are reasonably priced. What a great slow vacation!

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