Enoshima Fuka

Visiting a backstreet ceramics store

By Elena Lisina    - 2 min read

Enoshima is a very popular tourist spot featuring dozens of souvenir and sweets shops. While walking along the main shopping street from the bronze torii I spotted some stands with ceramic items outside a shop on the left of the main street. Since I’ve an interest in Japanese ceramics, I decided to enter this little backstreet shop. Inside I immediately noticed a ceramic Jizo figurine greeting visitors.

Unlike some very lively souvenir shops packed with goods, this ceramics shop was quiet and neat. All of the items, including plates, bowls, mugs, and saucers, were displayed on the shelves and podiums as if an exhibition. Even the walls were decorated with painted ceramic panels, adding to the exhibition effect.

I like Japanese ceramics a lot and through it, I come to see how the Japanese understand beauty and aesthetics. For example, with their uneven surfaces and edges, some items may seem rough and perhaps poorly made. But when you hold it in your hands, you then discover that they are made for the hands. Therein lies the beauty.

There were so many things in this shop that I liked, particularly the mugs with images of Fuji-san. Small bowls with funny drawings, animal figurines and many varieties of hashioki chopstick rests also caught my attention. Some of the items were quite expensive, but when I thought about the quality of craftsmanship, I felt the items worth it. However, with the large range of items available, a souvenir for any budget can easily be found.

This store really had me walking around it like a fox hunting for some unreachable treat. I really wanted to buy something, but with my whole trip still ahead of me, with its unforeseen expenses and circumstances, I decided to play it safe. If I had come across this store at the end of my trip I would have definitely bought something!

Seeing my interest, the owner of the store kindly allowed me to take the photos. Oh, and the name of this store? Enoshima Fuka. A bit off the main street, the store is still easy enough to find and is open everyday between 11am and 5pm except on Thursdays and the New Years period..

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