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About Enoshima

Enoshima, Kanagawa, lies at the mouth of the Katase River near Sagami Bay. It’s a small offshore island, only about 4 km in circumference. Connected to mainland Fujisawa by bridge, Enoshima is a popular vacation spot and has many sites of interest to tourists and locals alike. Enoshima is also home to some fantastic sandy beaches, some of the closest to Tokyo and Yokohama.

While on the mainland, admire the views of Enoshima against Sagami Bay and even Mount Fuji in the far distance. Another popular spot along the coast is Enoshima Aquarium where you can learn about marine life and observe sea turtles, jellyfish, dolphin performances, and more! Apart from these main attractions, the city is also prolific in quaint cafes and fresh seafood restaurants. After grabbing a bite to eat, walk through the streets and shop at its cute boutiques for beach souvenirs!

After relaxing at Enoshima's beach, explore Enoshima Shrine, which is a complex of shrine buildings throughout the island. Many of the sacred buildings are located on a forested hill in the center of the island, so be sure to bring your walking shoes! Alternatively, you can reach Enoshima’s highest point via the Enoshima ESCAR, which is an outdoor escalator. The lush greenery of the area creates a completely different scene from the lively beaches. Continue your Buddhist journey by visiting the Iwaya Caves on Enoshima’s southern coast that contain religious statues and thrilling legends. While on the south side of the island, take some time to walk along its rocky shores.

For breathtaking panoramas, be sure to check out the Samuel Cocking Garden and the Enoshima Sea Candle, an observation tower, lighthouse and iconic symbol of the Shonan area.