Yamashita Park's Future Rose Garden

A rose garden to enjoy in spring and autumn

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Future Rose Garden, known as Mirai-no-baraen in Japanese, is a flower garden open every spring and autumn season at Yamashita Park in Yokohama when its roses are in full bloom.

The park was refurbished in April 2016 where the name of the rose garden changed to Future Rose Garden. Now, you can take in more than 160 species of truly beautiful roses here.

Yamashita Park is very popular in Yokohama, especially when tourists flock to the park to see the beautiful roses during the blooming seasons.

The park's surroundings feature the large ship, Hikawamaru, now permanently berthed as a floating museum, hotel, and restaurant. There is also the old but famous Hotel New Grand close by. You can visit the Hikawamaru and discover its fascinating history while the cafe at Hotel New Grand allows you to spend some coffee time with friends and family.

With these places, you can feel the atmosphere of historical Yokohama. It is said that the western rose was introduced here when Yokohama was opened to the world. Now, the rose is the official floral symbol for the city of Yokohama.

You can enjoy spending a leisurely time at the park since the spring and the fall are very comfortable seasons. There are many beautiful roses here and you will be able to find your own favorite one.

Aside from the park, you can also try cruising on Sea Bass from the park to the red brick warehouse, known as Akarengasoko. This is a great spot for tourists where you can enjoy shopping and some good food too. The evening illuminations are fantastic and so is Chinatown, opposite. The largest Chinatown in Japan means lots of great Chinese food and drink.

Yamashita Park in Yokohama is a great place to visit and its Future Rose Garden makes it beautiful too.

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