Amanohashidate Maizuru Luxury Train

Dine with the ocean and mountains

 By Bonson Lam   Jan 10, 2016

Since the introduction of train travel, the idea of luxury dining to the clickety clack sound of the train tracks have held allure and glamour for many travelers. While Europe has the Orient Express, Kyoto's north coast now has a Japanese version, the Kyoto Tango Railway's Matsu train.

Named after the pine trees that line the shore at Amanohashidate, it offers luxury dining in polished wood carriages, and spectacular views of the Japan Sea on one side and green mountains on the other.

There are trains covering 3 routes, running every Friday, Saturday, Sunday as well as on public holidays. These morning and afternoon trips are a great way to have a day trip to one of Japan's top three scenic areas, connecting it with the Japan Railway (JR) stations at Nishi-Maizuru and Fukuchiyama.

Tickets cost between 4,000 and 11,000 yen with a small discount for children.

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To ride Kyoto Tango Railway's, Kuromatsu, Akamatsu or Aomatsu, visit the official site here (Japanese only). Tickets can be reserved 3 days before departure from the Internet and ticket booths.

Written by Bonson Lam
Japan Travel Partner

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Jihad Mahmoud a year ago
Sounds great :) Does the ticket price include dinning?
Bonson Lam Author 11 months ago
The cheapest train from Fukuchiyama to Amanohashidate is a mid-morning train, there are drinks and snacks for sale, but the basic fare does not include food. The other trains that run at lunchtime have dining options.
Novriana Dewi a year ago
The luxury train sounds great! I remember taking the tango train once and it was one really old train!
Bonson Lam Author a year ago
They still run the old trains on the Tango line, too, but that is part of the charm.
Bonson Lam Author a year ago
This is one of the most beautiful parts of Japan to travel by train. The natural scenery is a bit like the coast between Naples and Sorrento or French Riviera, but with Japanese trees and architecture.