Pagu Pagu, Sendai

A cozy izakaya in the heart of the city

By Keith Wyss    - 1 min read

When I first came here I immediately felt comfortable. Pagu actually means pug (see logo). For me Pagu Pagu stands for good food and a family like atmosphere. Pagu Pagu offers a range of uncommon but very tasty Japanese dishes; their delicious tonpeiyaki (とん平焼き) , a kind of okonomiyaki (fried pancake consisting of veggies and meat), is famous. Of course you’ll also find a wide range of drinks. There are two izakayas called Pagu Pagu, this photo story features the second one, which opened about two years ago: Ittekoi Sakaba Pagu Pagu (イッてこい酒場ぱぐぱぐ). An absolute must for everyone visiting Sendai.

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Keith Wyss

Keith Wyss @keith.wyss

Since my childhood the ancient Samurai, Japanese culture and history fascinated me. It was always a dream to discover the mysteries of Japan myself. When I came here in June 2010 I immediately fell in love with the country and its people. After travelling for two weeks I spontaneously decided to stay here and settled in Ichinoseki, Iwate. The first year I have been to various places on every main island but Shikoku. After the happenings in March 2011 I was forced to make a decision. In July 2011 I moved to Sendai, Miyagi and started to work as ALT in Shibata. In March 2012 I started to work for a company in Sendai. In March 2013 I moved back to Switzerland after almost three years. JapanTravel is a great platform that gives me the possibility to share my experience with others interested in this beautiful country, where you can recognize new things and learn every day. Photographs courtesy of Wyss Photography.