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Pagu Pagu, Sendai

A cozy izakaya in the heart of the city

When I first came here I immediately felt comfortable. Pagu actually means pug (see logo). For me Pagu Pagu stands for good food and a family like atmosphere. Pagu Pagu offers a range of uncommon but very tasty Japanese dishes; their delicious tonpeiyaki (とん平焼き) , a kind of okonomiyaki (fried pancake consisting of veggies and meat), is famous. Of course you’ll also find a wide range of drinks. There are two izakayas called Pagu Pagu, this photo story features the second one, which opened about two years ago: Ittekoi Sakaba Pagu Pagu (イッてこい酒場ぱぐぱぐ). An absolute must for everyone visiting Sendai.

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