Spending a Day in Sendai

Ten Things You Need to Do

By Chris Broad    - 1 min read

We explore Sendai city and nearby Matsushima Bay and recommend ten things you can do in the area in just 24 hours!

First, we went to the Aoba Castle, or the Sendai Castle ruins, where we tried one of Sendai's most popular dishes, the Zunda Shake. Next, we headed toward the Sendai Daikannon statue, the Goddess of Mercy, for Gin-Datenari, a Wagyu beef course with all you can drink Sake from Miyagi. Afterward, we went to Matsushima Bay and ate Shokado Kashiten, or roasted soybean flour sandwich. Lastly, we headed to the Enstuin temple and then to a Japanese inn and had a fun fishing experience.

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Chris Broad

Chris Broad @chris.broad

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Elizabeth S a year ago
Wow, Japanese cooks can make soy beans into anything. I doubted the delicious flavor of soy sauce ice cream, but I love it now. Next, zunda shakes.
Kim a year ago
Talk about maximizing the day!
Elena Lisina a year ago
You did well! It took me 9 days to explore Sendai and around!