Autumn at Yahiko Shrine

One of the most beautiful times of the year to visit

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Yahiko Shrine is a popular spot in Niigata to pray for love and good fortune. It's also a well-traveled destination during the autumn months, when the surrounding area has an abundance of leaves changing to their trademark reds, oranges and yellows.

Alongside the changing leaves, the walk up to the shrine itself has pots and pots of beautiful chrysanthemums, which are Japan's national flower. The chrysanthemums come in various shades, and the pops of color add to the overall charm of the shrine grounds.

If you need some love or good fortune in your life, or you simply appreciate the stunning displays of nature, Yahiko Shrine makes for a wonderful spot to visit in this part of the prefecture.

Getting there

Yahiko Shrine is situated approximately 15 minutes walk from Yahiko Station on the JR Yahiko Line. Alternatively if you're headed to the shrine via private vehicle, there are several free parking lots in the lead up to the shrine itself.

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