The Seascapes of Japan

Scenic views of the ocean coasts

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Many people associate the sea or ocean with a beach, swimming in warm water, and yachting or other water sports. I’m not into those things but seascapes attract me as a photographer. Also, it’s nice to walk along a coast and feel a light or strong sea breeze and enjoy the sound of crashing waves.

The marine theme was one of the favorite themes of Hokusai Katsushika, and his famous piece ‘The Great Wave of Kanagawa’ became one of the iconic images of Japan. Japan is an island and there is no need to explain how it depends on its surrounding waters of seas and the Pacific Ocean. A lot of sea products are used in Japanese dishes, but together with their practical use Japanese people don’t forget to admire the natural beauty of their seascapes.

A seascape looks great on a good sunny day with blue sky and bright sea, with ships and boats in the distance and seagulls flying above. But a seascape can also be interesting with dramatic lighting of the sun's rays breaking through the clouds. Big waves during windy weather are quite scenic though hard to capture! And, of course, seascapes during sunsets are the most gorgeous and romantic.

The seascape with dramatic lighting
The seascape with dramatic lighting

Besides water, waves and sky, there are also beautiful natural rocky coasts or manmade piers with concrete breakwaters picturesquely thrown together. I like to climb them when it’s possible and take walks along piers. Many seascapes don't feel complete without a lighthouse or a fisher.

Beautiful seascapes can be viewed around Japan and I've visited many stretches of coastline such as Matsushima in Miyagi Prefecture, Enoshima Island and Ito on the coast of Sagami Bay, and finally the open Pacific Ocean in Bentenjima that was the most exciting.

The waves of the Pacific Ocean
The waves of the Pacific Ocean

I’ve heard more than once that Japanese people love the ocean because it gives a feeling of freedom, and I share that feeling.

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