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Cafe BingGo in Shin-Okubo

Korea's bingsu dessert in Tokyo's Korea Town

If you are looking for a place to sit down and eat some dessert in Shin-Okubo check out Cafe BingGo!

I was walking down the street in this little Korea Town when I was handed a coupon sheet with two 5% discount coupons for any item on the menu. The place? Cafe BingGo. I suggest you grab the coupons and give this cafe a try! Cafe BingGo features a variety of desserts but I'd say that the most popular item on the menu is bingsu.

What is bingsu​​​​​​?

Bingsu is a popular Korean dessert. Imagine Japanese kakigori but taken an extra level. Like kakigori, bingsu consists of shaved ice flavoured with sweetened condensed milk. Unlike kakigori though, bingsu includes fruit pieces, small pieces of rice cake, and fruit syrup. It is then usually topped with ice cream or whipped cream.

The bingsu here comes in several different flavors such as strawberry, blueberry, mango and banana. There are even Oreo biscuit, matcha, kinako and cheese bingsu available. I went with the kinako flavour. Delicious! The prices range from 940-1240 yen depending on the flavor you choose. Servings are large and one order is good enough for two people.

Kinako - roasted soy bean - flavoured bingsu.
Kinako - roasted soy bean - flavoured bingsu.

What else is on the menu?

Waffles are another popular item on the menu with a variety of flavors to choose from such as strawberry, sweet potato, Nutella, and ice cream. The waffles are either topped with chocolate or strawberry syrup, chocolate chips, or whipped cream.

The shakes come in different flavors, such as matcha, chocolate, strawberry and banana, mango and banana, and so much more. The prices range from 500-600 yen. Milk tea drinks with tapioca are available for 600 yen each. Hot or iced coffees, teas, and lattes are also available in different flavors with prices ranging from 370-480 yen.

Grilled sweet potatoes are also available in different flavors with prices ranging from 600-800 yen. Grilled sweet potato with maple honey, candied sweet potato, grilled sweet potato with cheese, and other flavors are available.

Everything on the menu at this cash-only cafe is prepared in a beautiful manner, making Cafe BingGo a popular place to take Instagram-worthy pictures.

Getting there

Cafe BingGo is a 1-2 minute walk from Shin-Okubo Station on the JR Yamanote Line.


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Nga Nguyễn a year ago
This is all I need for this hottest summer :(((
Lynda Hogan 4 years ago
I don't think they had this shop when I lived in Shin-okubo or at least if they did, I'm glad I didn't know about it or I'd have indulged far too often!
Elizabeth S 4 years ago
Wow, that looks like a generous helping.

Tokyo has more and more international foods. You can eat your way around the world there.
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Is it too sweet or not? I found it good that Japanese sweets are not oversweet.
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
That's good and worth to taste! :P
jael halls 4 years ago
my boyfriend and I loved the food