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Dream Station JOL in Harajuku

A popular gathering place for teens, but not only

When arriving at Harajuku Station, if you take the Takeshita exit, you will find yourself walking down the famous shopping area Takeshita Street. Due to its popularity, the street is often crowded and it can be hard to move forward. Add to that a few stops to buy clothes or funny items that can only be found there and it may take you quite a long time to make your way to the end of the street. If you manage to do so: congratulations! Now that you must be tired, what about taking a rest at Dream Station JOL?

The place is originally aimed at young teenage girls but anyone can enter it. All you have to do is follow the colored stairs that will lead you to a wide space that is just as colorful. There, you will find food and shop stalls, an event stage where shows are often held and even a room with computers and an Internet access, but it is reserved for girls who have a membership card. JOL stands for Joy of Life and indeed, I do agree with the fact that what you need to enjoy life is delicious food, music and the Internet.

Depending on your appetite, the food served can be considered as a snack or as a meal. There is a various range of desserts and drinks that are popular among teens such as crepes, frozen yogurt or tapioca drinks. If you are not into sweets, don't worry: you can choose to have a kebab or a burger set if you don't feel ready to challenge a giant takoyaki which is a Japanese ball-shaped snack typically filled with octopus. It may not be great cuisine, but it's value for money and the overall atmosphere is very pleasant.

Some artists - especially boy bands - are so popular that it becomes almost impossible to enter the place when they are performing. On these days, if by chance you manage to buy something to eat and find an empty seat, be prepared to spend a few minutes surrounded by loud music and screaming girls. To prevent your visit at Dream Station JOL ending up being a nightmare, I recommend checking the event schedule on the official home page beforehand. Unless you want to have a new experience but in that case, don't say I didn't warn you.

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