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Gunma Sodachi

The best of Gunma's delicacies served in central Tokyo

Gunma Sodachi specialises in bringing some of Gunma's finest foods to Tokyo. Backed by parent chain Aguri's yakiniku know-how, Gunma Sodachi primarily focuses on serving Gunma's local brand of beef, Joshu wagyu, alongside a number of regional dishes using Gunma-sourced ingredients.

Highlights from the Joshu wagyu menu include the grilled roast beef, diced beef with ponzu and grilled onion/beef (a Gunma speciality). Assorted plates – with enough meat and vegetables for small groups – are also available, as well as a number of lunch sets.

Lunch sets include stone-grilled bibimbap, Joshu wagyu soy sauce sukiyaki, and a regular yakiniku-style lunch set – a number of sides are also available.

Ordering is easy, thanks to the touch-screen tablets with their built-in English interface, which have non-Japanese speakers at ease in this otherwise authentic yakiniku restaurant.

Backed by JA Zen-nou (the Japan agricultural co-operative), Gunma Sodachi promises the freshest and highest quality ingredients at their Asakusa store, which opened in July 2017.

The first floor entrance also has a small shop selling Gunma souvenirs and you may even spot the beloved Gunma-chan prefectural mascot around the restaurant – it definitely makes Gunma Sodachi a nice location for fans of Gunma prefecture itself – famous for such sites as Kusatsu Onsen, Minakami and Ikaho onsen.

Getting there

Gunma Sodachi is just 3 minutes walk from Asakusa station (Exit 6) and is well-placed nearby Asakusa's top attractions, such as the Kaminarimon gate and Senso-ji temple.


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Just staring at the photos makes me droll.... looks so tasty