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JR East Travel Service Center

Convenience at Tokyo Station for the Tohoku region

For the Japan tourist looking to travel around the Tokyo Metropolitan area and the Tohoku region of Japan but do not want to pay for the hefty price tag that starts from the 7-day nationwide Japan Rail pass, they can opt to buy the JR East Pass. What's great about this pass is that unlike the JR pass which remains active for 7 consecutive days regardless of usage, the JR East Pass offers the flexibility of traveling on any 5 days within a 14-day period. And at 22,000 yen, it is a whole lot cheaper.

The JR East Pass is one of the many ticket services available at the JR East Travel Service Center at Tokyo Station, with the latter previously known as Central Station but renamed to its current title during its inauguration in 1914. Due to its monumental cultural value, it was successfully preserved and returned to its original state in 2012. The inside of Tokyo Station is now a spectacle to behold, a blend of old Victorian architecture with modern interior design. There is also the Tokyo Station Gallery, which serves to offer travelers an insight into art and culture in Tokyo Station, rather than having the latter be a mere transportation hub.

The JR East Travel Service Center, exclusively for Japan travelers, are staffed with friendly people fluent in English, Mandarin and Korean. Besides providing JR East exchange passes and sales, the service center offers tourist information around the JR East service area and the rest of Japan, with travelers even able to purchase package tours here. There is also a separate booth containing international ATMS and foreign exchange, which will most definitely put your financial worries at ease.

One distinct feature of the travel service center is baggage services. For travelers unwilling to lug their hand luggage while going around the Tokyo Metropolitan area, they can leave their luggage at the service center for a minimal fee of 500 yen per item, which needs to be reclaimed before business hours end. The service center also offers delivery services for packages within Japan and abroad, and even also offers porter services should one require help with their luggage. With the latter coming at a reasonable price of 1500 yen for 3 baggage pieces, it's something to keep in mind for the traveler looking to do heaps of shopping in Tokyo.

The JR East Travel Service Center aims to be your one stop service center for your travel needs, and travelers will definitely feel much at ease with all their queries answered here.

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Justin Velgus 9 years ago
While most us living in Japan are not eligible for the JR East Pass, and can get most our info about exploring Tohoku online, everyone could use the baggage services.

How many times have you had a quick stay in Tokyo, unable to find a train locker and having to lug huge suitcases around? Too many times for me. I will surely consider storing or transporting my luggage from the travel center next time!

Thank you for your support!

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