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New Japan Travel Podcast

By the community for residents, visitors, pros/students

Japan Travel KK launched a free podcast in English with inclusive, sustainable, and cultural touches by our community: local knowledge, travel tips, exciting memories, interviews of residents & experts, popular destinations and little-known places to love, travel words, Japanese history, top news, future of tourism after Covid… but no ads. Listen, subscribe, share, and enjoy biweekly 🎧

In Japan, the community director Sébastien Duval (me) created this podcast with interns, podcasters and active community members for residents, travellers whether first timers or repeaters, tourism & hospitality students, and travel experts. Main host, I'll ensure usefulness for listeners of diverse nationalities, parents with small children, vegans, Muslims, wheelchair users… Your questions/suggestions will be very welcome to help it become one of the best travel podcasts in 2022; we'd like to hear your voices 🙂

Episodes appear first on Anchor.fm then get automatically indexed in a few hours on many platforms so you should be able to listen on your favourite podcast app/player:

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio/video files available for downloading or listening via Internet. An individual audio recording is called a podcast episode. Audio only, the Japan Travel podcast enables you to listen without consuming much energy or bandwidth (great while riding a subway/train - good for sustainability too), while you do something else with your eyes e.g. cooking or running 👍

Launch with 7 travel experts

Published on 11 March 2022, the launch episode 0 answers the questions "What to expect?" and "Why launch this podcast?". It also introduces the origins of our community, states the mission of Japan Travel KK, reveals some motivations & expectations of community founders, and includes memories of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami (11 March 2011 - exactly 11 years before). Everything in less than 10 minutes!

Thanks to all the guests, in order of appearance:

  1. Geoff Day, living in Tokyo, COO for Japan Travel KK.
  2. Bonson Lam, living abroad in Australia 🦘 Partner for Akita, Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Osaka prefectures.
  3. Alena Eckelmann, living in Wakayama, Partner for her prefecture plus Nara & Yamagata.
  4. Tristan Scholze, living in Fukuoka, Partner for his prefecture plus Saga and nature.
  5. Peter Sidell, living in Kanagawa, Partner for Shizuoka prefecture.
  6. Bryan Baier, living in Osaka, Partner for his prefecture plus active tourism.
  7. Jessica Paje, living abroad in the USA 🗽 Partner for Kanagawa prefecture.

Listen at: https://anchor.fm/japantravel/episodes/Launch-with-7-travel-experts-e1fhtve

Coming soon

You can expect the next episodes to introduce:

  1. The travel word "sakura" (cherry blossoms).
  2. Community voices with questions & answers about spring.
  3. The 2022 Japan Tourism Showcase in Osaka, Kansai (podcast host on site for a full day).
  4. The Golden Week and other Japanese public holidays.

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Sleiman Azizi a year ago
There's a lot of potential with this...
Justin Velgus a year ago
Thanks for the shoutout in a recent podcast! I like the abundance of recommendations, cultural insights, and trivia as well as short roundup of travel news. Japan lovers or industry professionals can get something out of this podcast. Subscribed!
Kim a year ago
Nice initiative and I'm sure with your enthusiasm it is bound to be a successful venture!

Thank you for your support!

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