Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station

A melting pot of culture and history

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Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station is sandwiched between Ginza and Shiodome in the bustling Shinbashi (also known as Shimbashi) neighborhood of Tokyo. Located on the Ginza (G08) line it is smack bang in the middle of Asakusa and Shibuya and is also conveniently connected to the JR Yamanote line, the TOEI Asakusa lines and the Yurikamome automated guideway transit service to Odaiba.

The station itself houses a Tokyo Metro Pass Office, free Wi-Fi, information desk, numerous rental lockers and public restrooms. The station itself can be quite daunting at first with many exits and transfer halls, however i easily found my way around with the help of clearly labeled signage and large information boards.

Shinbashi itself is filled with office towers, electronic stores, and overcrowded restaurants and bars, making this a salary man paradise and a great place to experience the real Tokyo atmosphere. Shinbashi was recently voted in the Top 8 Salary Man districts making it a frenetic, yet utterly enjoyable place to spend the evening.

I suggest giving Shinbashi a chance by taking exit 8 and making a hard left where you will soon find yourself behind the West Side SL Plaza. There is an Old Steam Locomotive there as well as a maze dotted with restaurants and bars. The streets are filled with the smell of yakitori restaurants and the screams and shouts of the smartly dressed bar staff that are ever so enthusiastic and eager to get you inside.

Alternatively, if you are a rail enthusiast or would simply like to know a little more about the history of rail in Japan, i suggest visiting the Old Shimbashi Station, Japan’s first, which is a short walk from the Ginza-guchi exit of the JR Shimbashi Station. Last but not least, there are of course plenty of retail outlets to tickle your fancy.

Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station, a melting pot of food, entertainment, history and modern day Tokyo.

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