Triangle Curry

Curry and izakaya fare between Shibuya and Daikanyama

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Triangle Curry offers an authentic Japanese curry and izakaya experience just south of Tokyo. Opened in December 2018, Triangle Curry is based at the Shibuya Bridge complex between Shibuya and Daikanyama, hoping to offer a unique curry experience to Tokyoites.

Three ways to enjoy

The concept here tries to go beyond just curry and rice by adding a third element... for foreign guests at neighbouring Mustard Hotel that could be an introduction to Japan's curry culture. For locals, that could be the izakaya-style setup from the early evening. For late-night revellers heading home, Triangle Curry can also be the ideal pitstop on the way back from drinking in Shibuya/Daikanyama.

Katsu and beef curry with shishito pepper topping
Katsu and beef curry with shishito pepper topping

The lunchtime menu focuses on four kinds of curry: katsu (¥1,000) or beef, keema and vege (¥900 each) - which can be customised with toppings or even requested in a two- or three-way curry combo for an extra fee. The curry is thick and wholesome – and a little spicy, which can be further customised with Shichimi chili/spice flakes.

Katsu and beef curry with shishito pepper topping
Katsu and beef curry with shishito pepper topping

Dinnertime widens the menu with drinks—like beer, sours and wine—as well as izakaya-style options, including many curry-inspired offerings like curry udon. 'Shime' food is synonymous with post-drinking grub, with the menu here offering much better alternatives to those seduced by late-night bowls of ramen. Numerous dishes are available from ¥500

Triangle Curry carries a refreshing, dynamic branding thanks to a creative force behind the endeavour, including interior design by Tripster Inc, and graphic design input by Gathering Inc and Fourdeuces.

About Shibuya Bridge

Originally developed under the 'Shibuya Daikanyama R Project' moniker, the Shibuya Bridge facility acts as a link between the north and south sides of Shibuya, and arches along parallel to Shibuya River halfway between Shibuya Stream to the north and Daikanyama's Log Road to the south. As well as restaurants and neighbouring Mustard Hotel, Shibuya Bridge features co-working space and nursery facilities too.

Path to Shibuya Bridge
Path to Shibuya Bridge

Getting there

Ten minute walk south of Shibuya Station.

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Elizabeth S a year ago
It was a refreshing surprise on arriving in Japan to find that curry is ubiquitous, along with ramen and tempura and sushi.

This curry is enticing! I'll look it up next time I'm in Shibuya.
Kim B a year ago
I think curry is often one of those dishes that can be hard to photograph well, but the curry here looks very aesthetically pleasing!
Kim B a year ago
It's one of my favorites on cold winter days like the ones we've been having lately!