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Ueno Zoo #4 – Cool Meat Eaters

Tigers, Sun bears, Polar bears, Seals, Meerkats...

I was lucky to be there when a tiger was eating meat, carefully watching around himself and daring anyone to try to take the meat from him (0:00-0:36).

I could see that he would never forget his wild nature, even if he lived in a zoo for a long time. And his fine fur coat was truly beautiful.

A red bear was scratching his back on the rough surface of a rock for quite a while (0:36-0:47). He must have been feeling a severe itch. It looked so bad that I almost jumped in to help him scratch!

Polar bears love water and they even enjoy swimming in winter. I saw the soles of this polar bear’s feet when he dove down into the water (0:47-1:04). So cute!

The seals seemed to be ready for a nap (1:11-1:15). They looked sooooo sleepy.

On the day I visited the zoo, a meerkat looked up into the sky and around himself repeatedly (1:17-1:25). And a father and a son who were watching the meerkat also looked up. We can’t help checking out the things that somebody else is watching.

A lesser panda took care of his fur under the warm sunshine (1:26-1:33). But he soon stopped doing it. I wonder if he was puzzled about why the people here had suddenly started taking his photo with their smartphones (1:35-1:51).

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 9 years ago
Wow, I didn't expect to see all those animals. I thought Ueno Zoo is just Small...

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