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Narita to Kyoto by Plane or Train

There are no direct trains between Narita Airport and Kyoto. With a distance of over 600 km around the coast, it is at the tipping point between where a plane could be faster than a train. Here are five options that you can choose from fastest to slowest, depending on your schedule and priorities.

JR East Pass: Unlimited Travel

JR East Pass allows hassle free travel to places like Aomori, Akita, Niigata, Nagano, Nikko, Narita, Sendai and more, starting from 11000 yen for children and 22000 yen for adults, for 5 flexible days of unlimited travel from time of activation within a 14 day period.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, having just recently finished its exterior remodeling of its Marounuchi side, is the hub of most travel here in Tokyo.

Japan Rail Pass from JRailPass.com

Japan Rail Pass from JRailPass.com

D​iscover Japan with only one ticket in hand ­ the Japan Rail Pass. Combining the country's national rail lines the Shinkansen bullet trains as well as selected bus and ferry services, the Japan Rail Pass has become everything and the only thing you will need for your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.