Cascading Japanese Plum Blossoms

Murakami-tei at Awajishima is open for viewing

 By Masayoshi Hirose   Mar 3, 2015

Around March 10th, 2011, in Awajishima, the southern part of Japan, I wondered if the plum blossoms were in full bloom as I crossed Akashi Bridge. After I finished taking pictures, I was getting ready to head back home, when a local told me that there was a splendid weeping plum blossom garden at Yagi in Minami-Awaji City. Although the garden is in Murakami-tei (Akira Murakami’s own house), the garden is open to the public.

Even though the oldest tree is over sixty years old, which is quite old for plum trees, it still blooms stunning flowers that cascade down its branches like a suzunari (a traditional bell used in Shinto shrine rituals). You can admire these stunning flowers for free, but a small donation is greatly appreciated for maintenance fees and as a thank you to Mr. Murakami for opening his breath-taking garden for all to see.

Photography by Masayoshi Hirose
JapanTravel Member
Translated by Ellery Smith

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Preethu a month ago
Beautiful flowers. Really awesome clicks
Aobh Bodewig a month ago
So stunning and vibrant !
Cheng Ann Chua 2 months ago
wow! beautiful weeping plum
Corinna David 8 months ago
I love this. The blossoms are so pretty!
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 7 months ago
Corinna-san,Thank you so much!
Yunxuan Koh 11 months ago
this is so beautiful
Masayoshi Hirose Photographer 10 months ago
Yunxuan-san,Thank you very much!