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Mario Kart in Real Life

Mario Kart in Real Life

Jessica Lin

There’s nothing like cruising down the bright city lights of Tokyo’s streets at night, as Mario, in your own Mario Kart. After..

Autumn in Ueno Park 11

Autumn in Ueno Park

Peter Sidell

Ueno Park in Tokyo takes on a whole new life every autumn, as the peaceful green of the leaves turns to a jamboree of vibrant reds,..

Gyokusendo Cave 6

Gyokusendo Cave

Michael Flemming

Okinawa's largest cave is also one of the largest in all of Japan. Gyokusendo Cave is at - really under - Okinawa World theme..

Okinawa 2
Okunoshima "Rabbit Island"

Okunoshima "Rabbit Island"

JJ Walsh

A small island near Kure great for a day trip or a weekend. Interesting wartime history, now offers family fun activities, walks,..

Tashirojima Cat Island

Tashirojima Cat Island

Brian Takahashi

Come visit a Cat Island in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Tashirojima is the place to feed and play with cats, stay in Cat Cabins, and..

Miyagi 2