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Aso Fire Festival

Aso Fire Festival

Mandy Bartok

The slopes of Mt Aso are alight with flames during the annual March fire festival.

Kumamoto, Mount Aso Tuesday - Mar 24th 1 Free
Suizenji Sakura Illuminations

Suizenji Sakura Illuminations

Bonson Lam

Suizenji is in an historical part of Kumamoto City. So old, that in 1636, Lord Hosakawa chose this site to build his garden, one..

Kumamoto, Suizenji Park Mar 22nd - Mar 23rd 2 Free
Kokuzo Shrine 12

Kokuzo Shrine

Ekaterina Bespyatova

Kokuzo shrine is featured in the Engishiki, a thousand-year-old book from the Heian period. It's one of the oldest shrines in..

Kumamoto 1