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Reizan, the Sake of Kumamoto

Reizan is an iconic sake brand in Kumamoto. Located in Takamori-machi at the bosom of Mt. Aso, it has been making sake since 1762, yet is continually evolving to make sake come alive for the next generation.

Shimomiya Shrine

Shimomiya Shrine in Aso might seem small and unremarkable, but it's home to a unique Shinto ritual that is classified as Important Intangible Cultural Property in Japan.

Suizenji Garden

Rich with history and natural beauty, Suizenji Garden will capture the hearts of all those who enter, transporting them back to the grandeur of pre-modern Japan.

Aso Shrine

Aso Shrine - boasting one of the largest gates at a shrine anywhere in Japan - is an oft-overlooked stop in Aso town in  Kumamoto prefecture.

Reigando Cave

Visit the countryside cave where master swordsman Miyamoto Musashi meditated and crafted the famous Book of Five Rings