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Sado Island

Sado island has a great cultural history which you can encounter on almost every corner. You can experience natural beauty and its rich and evocative past.

Niigata Festival

The Niigata Festival is one of the biggest attraction in the region, and it's well earned! It goes for three days on the first weekend of August (August, 4-6 in 2017), and is one of the most impressive Japanese festival that I’ve seen.

Urasa Station

I was not at all prepared to know what to expect and in Tokyo it was already quite cold when I started my first journey on the Joetsu Shinkansen to Urasa. The weather was clear with no snowfall when we started, and even until 30 minutes before we should arrive at Urasa station, there was no sign of snowflakes. Then the bullet train went inside a tunnel, only to come out on the other side to give me the shock of my life.