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Kashiwazaki is a city located in the northern-central area of Niigata Prefecture, with a 89,000-strong population.
Shukunegi Village. A fishermen's village lost in time
Ever fancied a ride in a cut-off barrel? Try tarai-bune in Ogi Town, Sado Island.
I was not at all prepared to know what to expect and in Tokyo it was already quite cold when I started my first journey on the Joetsu Shinkansen to Urasa. The weather was clear with no snowfall when we started, and even until 30 minutes before we should arrive at Urasa station, there was no sign of snowflakes. Then the bullet train went inside a tunnel, only to come out on the other side to give me the shock of my life.
If you want to time travel to the Edo period and experience its architectural beauty, Shiozawa in Niigata should be on your radar.
In search of a master carver in Japan whose skills equaled those of Michelangelo
Snow Country Region Info Center in Yuzawa provides advice and information on the tourist area which includes Minakami in Gunma, Sakae village in Nagano, as well as Tsunan, Tokamachi, Uonuma, Minami Uonuma and Yuzawa in Niigata.