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Urasa Chrysanthemum Festival

Chrysanthemums are Japan's national flower, and there are plenty of them on display at the annual Urasa Chrysanthemum festival held at the Bishamondo Temple. Pots and pots of the beautiful blooms line the grounds of the temple, and there are also plants available for purchase if you want to test out your green thumb.

Yairo Watermelon Festival

Wild about watermelon? The Yairo Watermelon Festival in Niigata offers all you can eat watermelon for the bargain price of 500 yen. The Yairo watermelon variety is said to be sweeter and juicier than other watermelon on the market in Japan!

Niigata Festival

As with many summer festivals, the highlight of the Niigata Festival is the fireworks in the evening over the river. On Friday night, there is one of Japan’s largest parades, with 15,000 participants dancing to the same beat in summer kimonos.

Echigo Winery Grape Festival

The Echigo Winery is situated in the heart of Niigata's snow country, and holds an annual Grape Festival where you can enjoy beverages, grape picking and entertainment in a family friendly setting.


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