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Fusazushi serves up delicious sushi fresh off the boat at Kobe City Central Wholesale Market.
To indulge in Kobe's celebrated beef in its namesake city, treat yourself at Wakkoqu in Kitano.
Ranked Hyogo's best ramen shop for three years running, Nagomi in Mukogawa (between Kobe and Osaka) is a must for lovers of tasty Japanese noodles.
When it comes to classifying sake, it's all about the rice polishing ratio!
Wanto Burger in Kobe is an affordable and fun place to sample Kobe beef and steak in a burger.
When you’re in the Kansai area and need a quick coffee break, look for Holly’s Café. It’s a café chain that is located specifically in the Kansai area. Find Holly’s
Located in Southern Kobe, near Maiko Station, Cafe Kantokotoro is a wonderful place to relax and take in the view of famous Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which connects the mainland to Awaji Island.
Are you in Kobe? Do you want to spend some time with some owls in a owl cafe? There is one such place on Kobe's Motomachi! Come check it out!