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Right in the middle of downtown, between the two main ferry ports. Located along the sea, Mugs Cafe is a great place to get the kind of drinks you can't usually get at Mom n Pop cafes. Smoothies, shakes, blended coffee, espresso, coffee, juice, and more.
Nakano Udon School is a restaurant where you can try your hand at preparing Kagawa's celebrated udon noodles. You then get to eat your handiwork.
Green India is a delicious North Indian curry restaurant in Mure Town, Takamatsu.
A no-frills grilled oyster restaurant in Takamatsu, Kagawa. Read about what makes this little shop in Japan such a fascinating experience.
The full name of this restaurant is Terrace Restaurant Umi no hoshi Etolie de Mer, but you can call it Terrace, a moniker that is well suited to its position, with the view from the table distilling the best of its vantage point in the middle of the bay. To prepare you for a journey of calmness and anticipation, diners are requested to confirm the selection of one of the degustation menus on reservation, freeing your mind to dwell on the view. There are a la carte selections available, but the degustation is better value.
Take 5 is a delicious little burger cafe in the heart of Takamatsu City. Possibly the best burger to be had in the city and located in the center of town, near Marugamemachi Green and the post office in the Kataharamachi area of downtown.
Cozy nooks, soft sofas, and a modern design make this comfortable cafe in Sanuki City a great place to meet people for a cup of coffee, a sweet treat, or even a full meal.
Feeling adventurous? Eat your soy sauce as cold ice cream instead of on rice or with sushi when you visit Shodoshima.