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Kokutei Ramen

Operating since 1957, Kokutei (黒亭) is one of the most famous and popular ramen shops in Kumamoto, proudly serving the local Kumamoto style.

Ajisen Ramen Restaurant

Premium pork ramen with tonkotsu (pork bone) stock and handmade noodles, Topped with thin tender slices of pork belly, cabbage, green onions, slivered carrots.

Bonjour Provence

You'll find the vibrant south of France in this home-restaurant in a forest at the southern edge of Aso, the world’s largest volcano caldera.

Walet Cottage Cafe

Walet is hidden away in a country lane, but you would not miss this charming cafe from the many people popping in. Why don't you try their scone with home-made jam which you can take away? Walet is five minutes away from Kumamoto Airport by car and close to Fukusato Ichiba Markets on Route 206.

Tofu Kissho

Tofu Kissho offers set meals featuring handmade tofu in the center of Kumamoto's most famous hot springs town, Kurokawa Onsen.