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New to the railway arches beneath the JR train tracks north of Akihabara is Tokyo Umai Yokocho (東京うまい横丁), which promises to bring quality food alongside an authentic yet accessible yokocho experience to all.
Nishiki Market is the best place to buy a wide range of traditional Japanese food in Kyoto. It's a centuries-old food emporium easily accessible in the city center.
Sunamachi Ginza's shopping street is located at Kitasuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo Prefecture. This shopping street won 3rd place of the most wanted to visit shopping street from Japan Economic Newspaper on February 5th, 2005. Very energetic neighborhood where you can try Japanese street food such as Oden, Yakitori, steamed food, etc.
551 Horai serves comfort food and whose signature dishes include the butaman pork bun and other Chinese inspired specialities in the heart of Kansai, Japan.
The humble egg finds its home in this dependable cafe high above the ticket sellers in the glass catherdral that is JR Kyoto Station
A series of fun and informative articles covering everything you need to know about sake. Topics will include: What is sake made of? What are the different types of sake? Can you pair sake with food? (Absolutely!)
Aoi Restaurant showcases the Yuba soba, a popular choice with the locals. Yuba is tofu skin and looks a bit like wrinkled paper. This popular restaurant is like a museum of noodles, just next to Kyoto Station on the southern side. Come in before the lunch rush at 11 am or after 1pm.
Kyoto is famous for a lot of things. But when it comes to food, Issen Yoshoku is one recommended dish that you should not miss.