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Bringing (More) Japanese Food to US

Bringing (More) Japanese Food to US

The Culinary Institute of America and Suntory team up to offer a course in Japanese cuisine at CIA's New York campus. Starting this year, the course also includes a 10-day field trip to Japan.

Halal Foods and Activities in Kansai

Mabruk offers halal lunch boxes, luggage storage, short bicycle tours, and a selection of local souvenirs at Rinku Town Station, one stop from Kansai International Airport. Muslim visitors to Japan can now enjoy an authentic bento box. Why not store your luggage and enjoy a short cycling tour around the Izumisano area to enjoy your lunch open-air.

Vegan Ramen in Kyoto

With the growing popularity of veganism, particularly in Japan, vegans can now enjoy ramen at both entirely vegan and vegan-friendly joints throughout the country. Here are three spots to check out in Kyoto.

Kineya Japanese Restaurant Haruki

Haruki is located on the Nankaido, an ancient road that led connected Osaka with the south seas. It drew its origins from the sixteenth century when international traders came from the south. Namban cuisine is a fusion of Japanese, Indian and Portuguese influences, and distinguishes itself by the use of curry and vinegar rather than soy sauce or miso.