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Local Foods at Ōuchi-juku

Small, old-fashioned village in Aizu with great history

Ōuchi-juku is a must stop for all travelers in Fukushima. This village is a great place to spend time with your family and friends because there are so many fun attractions for everyone to enjoy.

First off, Ōuchi-juku is a small village located in Aizu, Fukushima. This place is rich in history. It used be a rest stop for travelers during the Edo Period. Now, it has transformed into a very famous tourist spot. There are travelers from all over the world, eating soba and drinking ramune.

Ōuchi-juku is famous for their soba noodles and mochi. The pairing of these two dishes is considered as a feast. They also serve grilled freshwater trout, pickles, and much more!

Most of you will probably use chopsticks when eating bowl of soba noodles. They do things in an out of the ordinary way in Fukushima. At Ōuchi-juku, the waiter will serve the bowl of soba noodles with a long piece of green onion. You must try and scoop up the soba noodles with the green onion and bite it off with the soba noodles. Of course, it is rather challenging, so if you prefer chopsticks all you have to do is ask.

Mochi, soba, and tea
Mochi, soba, and tea

After you are filled up on noodles, you can walk it off by hiking to the other side of the village and climb the steps heading towards the cliff. There you will find a magnificent view of Ōuchi-juku. You can oversee the entire village, and it is a great place to take a group photo.

After the long walk, you may get thirsty. You can quench your thirst with a refreshing ramune. Ramune is Japanese soda, and they have them chilled in the river flowing through Ōuchi-juku. They have four flavors available: Regular, Blue Hawaii, Strawberry, and Cola.

Japanese ramune chilled in a river
Japanese ramune chilled in a river

They also have souvenir shops here and there, so be sure to check it out before you leave and purchase a gift for yourself or for a friend.

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Elizabeth S 5 years ago
I keep thinking about this timeless place. I would love to sit in the shade there with a ramune soda.
Kim 5 years ago
Soba noodles and mochi...two of my favorites! Love the charm of this place!

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