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Totoro Restaurant in Himeji

The best sushi restaurant in town

It is well known that most of the best places to eat while traveling are those where locals eat. However, when the place is completely full and the people have to wait to get a seat, it’s almost a guarantee of its food and taste. The sushi restaurant that a Japanese friend recommended me wasn’t the exception.

Honestly, I had never tried a sushi like the one I had in Totoro, just meters away from Himeji’s train station. I might even say that is the best food I’ve ever had in my life. The bar is way too high now. I’m pretty sure it will take me a long while before I find a place like this again.

Although I usually never eat at the same place because I love to explore, the sushi was so good that during my four days stay in Himeji I had lunch there three times. The only day I didn’t was just because I was too far from the station.

Totoro is not a fancy place. Actually, is a standing sushi restaurant. However, clients appreciate so much the quality of the food, that they don’t mind waiting even an hour before getting their food served.

The prices are very reasonable; even more considering its very high quality. A piece of sushi ranges from ¥75 to ¥350. However, there are three type of set menus with ten pieces of sushi each. The prices vary in the quality of the fish served. The cheapest is ¥860, the next costs ¥1,150 and the best selection is ¥1,560.

Every time I had lunch I chose the one of ¥1,150 and it was simply great. The last time however, I chose the best selection, which includes a piece of toro (fatty meat of the tuna). Frankly, I cannot describe the culinary experience I had while eating it. The red meat dissolved in my mouth, while the rice, wasabi, and soy sauce gave different flavors and textures that make me smile even now that I’m thinking about it.

If you are in Himeji, I strongly recommend to eat at Totoro. If you like sushi, I can almost guarantee you’ll love this place. Anything you try will be very tasty, fresh, and well prepared. The set menu is a great option, but don’t forget to try at least one piece of shrimp with mayo. It’s way too good!

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Elena Lisina 4 years ago
Sounds great! Umai!
Bonson Lam 7 years ago
Wow Jose, you finally did it! a piece of toro (fatty meat of the tuna)! It must be amazing.
José Manuel Zardain Author 7 years ago
Yes! And it was way too good! Now I only want to eat toro!

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