Hydrangea Season at Nihonmatsu-ji

Enjoy around 10,000 hydrangeas in multiple varieties

Jun 1st
Jul 7th
Venue: Nihonmatsu-ji Temple, Ibaraki When: Jun 1st - Jul 7th 2021, 9:00am - 4:00pm

Each year from around early June through to early July, the grounds of Ibaraki's Nihonmatsu-ji Temple are decorated with around 10,000 blooming hydrangeas. In total there are approximately 70 different species of the flower to enjoy over an area of 40,000 square meters - it's no wonder that the temple precinct is referred to as the Nihonmatsu-ji Hydrangea Forest!

As the flowering situation can differ from year to year, it's advisable to check the temple's official social media accounts before your visit. They are updated regularly with the blooming conditions, so you can schedule a trip when the flowers are looking their best. You can find their Facebook here and their Instagram here.

Entrance to the temple grounds during hydrangea season is priced at 300 yen.

Getting there

Nihonmatsu-ji Temple is around 10 minutes by taxi from Itako Station, served by the JR Kashima Line.

For those who plan to drive, there is on-site parking available for up to 120 vehicles.

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Elizabeth S a week ago
I wonder if I can get away to see this hydrangea display this year.

My other favorite hydrangea spot is also in Ibaraki Prefecture - https://en.japantravel.com/ibaraki/amabiki-kannon-temple/43754
Elizabeth S a week ago
So much. I've explored Tsukaba Mountain and the little communities along the Tone River many times, and it seems to reveal more and more intriguing places. And they're hardly ever crowded.
Elena Lisina 3 months ago
Endless theme, indeed! ))) But those amounts of flowers are really amazing!