Café Musetto in Yokosuka

Lattes & lunch in a natural and innocent setting

By Jessica A Paje    - 3 min read

There’s another type of drink that you can find on Dobuita Street located in the well known bar district of Yokosuka. Although non-alcoholic and served either hot or cold, the latte drinks from Musetto are a real treat especially if you get to enjoy one with lunch, dinner, or a dessert from their scrapbook-looking menu. A bonus is the cappuccino art if you’re into all things kawaii!

The bright white exterior and wood paneling surrounding a peep window to the barista immediately caught my attention as I walked through the cold, concrete jungle. It was a nice surprise when you’re used to storefronts hidden behind the metal security screens. Enjoy a drink for Take-Out or have a seat in their library. It’s a perfect place to get cozy with your sweetheart, girlfriends or even a simple coffee break for businessmen.

In Italian, Musetto means “Innocent” and the menu fits the theme of the café very well. Presented in a brown-bag type covered album adorned with cute cutouts of flowers and pretty little things, the menu is available in English or Japanese. The first page of the book introduces you to the concept of the café: innocence in a natural setting. The interior reminded me of sitting in a tree house with its natural wood tables, floors and front porch. The second page offers a variety of drinks: coffee, tea, espresso, latte’s, soft drinks or juices. Pair your drink with their homemade daily scone, available in sesame or chocolate!

If you have enough time for lunch or dinner, choose from a simple list. There’s a Monthly Sandwich, Butter Chicken Curry of Tomato, Taco Rice Bowl, Scallop & Shrimp Doria, Beef Stew, or my favorite, A Daily Plate, which includes a sampling of boiled rice, salad, consommé soup, chicken stew, quiche, and tomato salad. Please note the daily serving of A Daily Plate in the menu can vary from the pictured A Daily Plate. The prices range between ¥840 to ¥1,260.

Ladies, if you really want to enjoy a day of relaxation, check out the Debut by Fare salon located on the second floor of Musetto. Their services include hair, nails and relaxation.

Closed Tuesdays, Musetto is open daily from 10:00am to 8:00pm. Morning Time Service (only serving Blend Coffee) is from 10:00am to 11:30am. To access Musetto, it's about a 7-minute walk from either exit at Yokosuka-Chuo or Shioiri Station. A 2-minute walk from the Main Gate of the U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka.

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