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Specialty beef restaurant

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If you are heading to Tohoku then it is worth knowing that, amongst other things, it is the beef capital of Japan. The area around Sendai in particular is known for great beef, with Iitate and Yonezawa just two of the famous local names known across Japan for the quality of their cattle and beef products. One of the delicacies—and most popular souvenirs—of the city of Sendai is beef tongue, and it won’t be long before arriving in Sendai before you spot a beef tongue specialty restaurant.

Wabi-ichi is a jewel of a restaurant situated in the heart of Sendai City: great food, lovely setting, and a welcoming and traditional Japanese atmosphere.

The restaurant is a stand-alone building that offers a taste of Japan’s past: the use of wood and stone throughout the building creates a rustic feel accentuated by the old tools and local crafts that adorn the walls and floors. One of the many great features of the restaurant is that all diners have their own private dining room—complete with a beer tap (that sends a digital reading to the cashier on how much you pour)! You call for service by using the brown plastic domed-shaped bell on the table.

Wabi-ichi has a broad menu that covers everything from the local delicacy of beef tongue to vegetables. The menus are only in Japanese, but you can ask for a “o-makase” course (Chef’s choice) which is a plate of various beef cuts served with vegetables. Though be warned, the plate will include some offal.

The restaurant is Korean barbeque (yaki-niku) style so each table comes equipped with a charcoal burner and set of tongs. The uncooked food is delivered to you on beautiful plates and the cooking is down to you. It is a really fun—and delicious—way to eat and you will be sure of eating great local produce at Wabi-Ichi.

We visited Wabi-Ichi in August. It was necessary to book and in fact we only booked 1 day in advance and had to eat at 6pm so suggest you book as early as possible if you want your own room. The cost of our dinner was 4,500 yen per person.

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