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Oga Farm

The hidden flower paradise of Hiji

Oga farm is located in the rural area of Hiji town in Oita prefecture. This farm is very out-of-the-way since the closest public transport access (Hiji station) is five kilometers away. From there you are left with the choice to walk for an hour or get a fifteen minute taxi ride to reach the farm.

Oga farm is 40,000 square meters large, which isn’t so big, but enough to enjoy a relaxing visit. You must pass through a wooden gate and several bright yellow flowers to reach the ticket box. You can buy a single adult ticket for 500 yen or pay 1000 yen for a passport ticket.

There are thousands of flower and herb types in Oga farm. I visited in spring to see cherry blossoms and canolas. Depending on the season, you can find other natural beauties such as lavender and sunflowers in the summer, cosmos and momiji in autumn, and mimosa in late winter. I managed to hand-pick laurel, chili, basil, rosemary, thyme, lemon grass and artichokes from the herb garden to help me be more adventurous with my cooking. It’s ok if you can’t bring them home because you’re able to prepare and eat them on site!

There is a wooden guesthouse with an organic food restaurant and souvenir shop in the middle of the farm. Homemade Italian food, herbal tea and ice-cream are just some of the treats on the menu. Prices are a little high, but it’s worth the money since everything is organic and homemade with ingredients taken from the farm itself. The table was decorated with the farm’s freshly picked flowers, which I thought was a nice touch.

There are several events going on at Oga farm based on its harvest seasons. During winter, you can take part in a mimosa wreath-making workshop or appreciate the vibrant cherry blossoms in spring. Although the staff cannot speak English, they are more than happy to have foreign visitors. Last time I visited, I was given a huge bunch of sunflowers as a souvenir!

If you have spare time, try to find a hidden slope leading to a beach on the other side of the farm. You will be struck with a spectacular view of Beppu Bay and its neighboring mountain. This would be the perfect spot for wedding pictures, due to the lush green forests that cover the mountain side.

Although you can find various flowers all year round, I personally think the best season to visit is during the end of May or beginning of June. These are the times when you can find over a hundred types of roses in full bloom. My favorites are the Delstavo roses, as they look so strange and powerful, yet very feminine with a heavenly smell. If you have a spare day, then why don’t you visit for yourself and choose your own favorite?

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Looks like the perfect spot for a nature lover!
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Beautiful Place!

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