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Places with plenty of souvenirs of Japan

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Every tourist brings home souvenirs from trips to preserve memories themselves and gifts for others. In Japan souvenirs are not sold on every corner and there are many places where you hardly can find any, especially if to avoid the most popular tourist destinations. But it’s quite natural that souvenirs are concentrated in such places!

The largest concentration of souvenir and gift shops I found is in Kyoto. Gion Shijo Street from Kamo River to Yasaka Shrine is lined with shops suggesting traditional Japanese sweets, green tea, fans, yukata (the light summer version of kimono), T-shirts, cute toys made of Japanese silk, parasols, lacquer boxes, beautiful pottery and many more. Besides Gion Shijo I spotted good souvenir shops on the ground floor of Kyoto Tower, n Higashiyama district, and on the street leading to Fushimi Inari Taisha. I must mention that all those souvenirs and treats are made in Japan.

Gifts from Japan
Gifts from Japan

In Tokyo a lot of interesting souvenirs can be found on the trading street of Asakusa, Nakamise-dori, where shops are open till late evening, and in such special spots as Tokyo Tower and Skytree. Few souvenir duty-free shops are located in Akihabara, Shibuya, and Harajuku districts.

Quite a lot of souvenir shops I found in the retro towns of Kawagoe, Miyajima and Enoshima. These places are very popular not just for tourists from other countries, but for Japanese as well. I have to note here that Japanese really enjoy traveling in their own country and wherever I went I met mostly Japanese tourists. Interesting and inexpensive souvenirs and local goods are found in the post towns of Kiso – Narai, Tsumago and Magome.

A gift shop in Narai
A gift shop in Narai

Staying in Sendai I didn’t find souvenir shops except for Shimanuki shop on the market street Hirose-dori, however there were a few souvenirs spots at the Shiogama Marine Gate which is quite popular with tourists heading to Matsushima.

An interesting discovery was Narita town with old houses, souvenir shops and restaurants. At the end of my trips, when I have some yen remaining, I always find souvenirs and treats in the shop FaSoLa Asakusa tax free shop located in Narita Airport.

Looking for more information about souvenirs on Japan Travel I found how different tastes can be, but no matter your taste, you can find something of interest!

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