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Rice cracker outlet store

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My coworkers occassionally bring these tasty rice crackers to share for coffee break. These, they said, are mostly sold in Tokyo, but the factory is just a few minutes away from our workplace in Hanno, Saitama, and they are sold very cheap.

Last Saturday, I decided to look for the factory. True enough, it was only an easy 12 minute drive from our workplace. The complex is huge and set in the industrial part of Hanno past the Iruma River.

We pulled into the parking lot and my kids recognized Kamakyuu's delivery truck. It had a nostalgic looking drawing of a child munching on a seaweed topped rice cracker. We often see this truck pass by our house! So this was where the senbei was made!

The outlet shop is quite small but packed with a variety of senbei and non-senbei snacks. Kamakyuu's representative product is okoge senbei, rice crackers inspired by the crispy burnt rice at the bottom of old rice cookers (nowadays, it is impossible to burn the rice unless your rice cooker has an okoge setting). Aside from okoge, there are senbei of various shapes and flavors. The company has also ventured into making other snacks and confectioneries such as bean cakes, dried fruits, traditional candies, and baum cakes. All are sold at deeply discounted prices.

Kamakyuu has been making rice crackers or senbei using traditional methods for over 80 years. The company started in 1927 in Tokyo, but moved the factory to Saitama in 1966 in search of high quality water necessary for production. At the factory outlet shop in Hanno Saitama, you can get their products at huge discounts.

The factory outlet store is open everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Every Saturday and Sunday, odd and broken pieces of rice crackers are on sale. These are so popular they are quickly sold out.

Getting there

There are no nearby train stations as the Kamakyuu factory is located in an industrial part of Hanno. The outlet is an easy drive from central Hanno and there are a lot of parking spaces available.

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Elena Lisina 6 months ago
My family like such treats from Japan! :P
Sherilyn Siy Author 6 months ago
Difficult not to like them. Plus, they're healthier than potato chips too I think. :)
Kim B 6 months ago
Sherilyn Siy Author 6 months ago
Me too! Reminds me of a Miyazaki animation.
Bonson Lam 6 months ago
Great to discover something right under your noses. I would love to try these Okage rice crackers, now that I learnt a bit more of their history.
Bonson Lam 6 months ago
Absolutely! A bit like a rough cut potato chip.
Sleiman Azizi 6 months ago
That's local knowledge. Straight from the source.