Higashi Fuchie Teien Garden

A local garden in Adachi City

By Sleiman Azizi    - 2 min read

If avoiding crowds of tourist ranks high on your sightseeing priorities, then the lovingly designed Japanese garden adjacent to the Adachi Historical Museum, Higashi Fuchie Teien Garden in Adachi City may be just the place for you.

Though not a very large garden, Higashi Fuchie Teien was designed to reflect a sense of traditional rustic charm and manages to exude a sense of serene space with its pond and flora-rich landscape. As with most traditional designs, the famous four seasons of Japan finds its way into the grounds, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the variation in scenery as the seasons change.

Flower enthusiasts, in particular, will love the fact that the main focus of this change will be reflected in the garden's flowers. Approximately forty-eight species of flowering plants can be found here, including regular Japanese garden stalwarts the sakura cherry blossom, the ume plum blossom tree and the ajisai hydrangea.

Another feature of Higashi Fuchie Teien is its Rinentei traditional Japanese tea house. The tea house is available for private or group usage but does require a two month advance booking. Reservations can be for the morning, afternoon or whole day with prices reflecting the times accordingly. The garden also offers a couple of rest areas where visitors can relax, drink some tea and enjoy some light meals all while taking in the garden views.

A case of local culture and local history, Higashi Fuchie Teien Garden makes for a charming visit when combined with a visit to the adjoining Adachi Historical Museum.

Getting there

From the West Exit of Ayase Station on the Chiyoda Line or the from North Exit of Kameari Station on the JR Joban Line, take the Tobu Bus bound for Mutsugi-Toju and get off at Higashi Fuchie Teien bus stop. The garden is a 4-minute walk from the bus stop.

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Elena Lisina 5 months ago
On the first photo this garden looks like natural landscape - I like that!
Elena Lisina 5 months ago
Now as it's autumn, we often see just a fog from windows. :)
Kim B 5 months ago
Tea and garden views is my idea of a good time!
Sleiman Azizi Author 5 months ago
Simple, right? And personal courtesy of it being local.