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Lotus Flowers at Ueno Park

Enjoy beautiful lotus blooming in Shinobazu Pond

In early August this year I visited Ueno Park in Tokyo, which is famous for its beautiful lotus pond. I'd been to Ueno Park many times before, but these visits were solely for seeing ballet performances at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, which is located at the edge of the park. So I had no idea how big the park was.

It was HUGE! I walked and walked from the Koen-guchi entrance of the park in the sweltering heat, and finally reached the ultra-big Shinobazu Pond...only to find it surrounded by a throng of people. My first thought was they must have come to see beautiful lotus flowers here, but then I realized that the throng was not paying attention to the pond at all. They were all standing there staring at the smart phones in their hands. They were playing Pokemon Go in the heat! Thus, I could see beautiful lotus flowers all to myself, to my heart's content, though the throng sometimes blocked my way. If you like to see beautiful lotus flowers OR finding many Pokemon characters, Shinobazu Pond is the place to go!

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