Photo: Rayard Miyashita Park – Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0
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Exploring Shibuya's Newest Attraction, Miyashita Park

Tokyo's new rooftop playground

Shibuya is undergoing major redevelopment plans that are scheduled to be completed in 2028. The newest addition to the district’s attractions is Miyashita Park, situated at the top of RAYARD Miyashita Park building. This urban renewal area is constructed where the old Miyashita Park used to be, right next to the JR Yamanote Line train tracks. The massive structure is a three hundred meter-long multipurpose facility that includes a shopping mall, restaurants and cafés, a hotel, and the rooftop park.

Photo: Miyashita Park – Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0

Visitors to Shibuya may be familiar with Shibuya Scramble, the famously busy intersection in front of Shibuya Station. Rayard Miyashita Park Building is not far away. The first floor of the building is dedicated to Shibuya Yokocho, an indoor food alley that offers its customers a wide variety of great dishes from the many regional cuisines of Japan. On the second and third floors visitors will find some sixty different specialty shops as well as several restaurants. To satisfy those who crave the familiar, there are international fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Panda Express. Visitors can visit pop-up stores and fashion boutiques too, as well as souvenir shops such as one dedicated to the famous animated world of Ghibli.

Miyashita Park
Miyashita Park

As for Miyashita Park itself, it sits at the top of the structure and offers great views of Shibuya as well as a big open lawn where people are free to stretch out and relax. Next to a Starbucks store, there are some sports facilities on hand including a skateboard park, a bouldering wall, and a beach volleyball court. In the event of a disaster, the park is a designated refuge for residents and visitors.

With its modern design and green spaces, Miyashita Park is an innovative part of Shibuya's continued development as well as being a hub for shopping and dining attractions.

Getting there

Miyashita Park is a 3-minute walk from Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line or an 8-minute walk from Exit 7 of Meijijingu Mae Station on the Chiyoda Line.

More info

Find out more about Miyashita Park.

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Novia Mardasari 3 years ago
I think will be full of people in future 😅
Elizabeth S 3 years ago
Shibuya has dramatically transformed in the last 20 years. I used to work near Shibuya Scramble, and on recent visits to the neighborhood I get a little lost! But it’s fun.
Kim 3 years ago
I love these kinds of urban renewal projects!

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