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Area:11,637.54 sq. km

Get ready to gain weight when you’re in Akita, where you can find delicious dishes galore.

Its prime location adjacent to the Sea of Japan means great seafood (most notably the hata hata fish), while Akita is also known for its Akita Komachi brand of rice and the high quality sake brewed from it. Other famous Akita foods include kiritanpo, Inaniwa udon noodles, and the Yokote yakisoba.

When you’re not eating, try visiting the Shirakami Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or relax at the Nyuto Hot Springs. Akita is also the host of the All Japan Fireworks Competition, held annually on the fourth Saturday of August. If you’re visiting in the winter, watch out for men dressed as traditional namahage ogres!

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Hi Nico, The Tohoku area pass will cover Akita from Tokyo. http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/eastpass_t/index.html

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