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Kyocera Museum of Art Special Exhibition

Witness a special exhibition of paintings at the Kyocera Museum of Art, in Fushimi, Kyoto. Titled “Promenade Through Kyoto in Watercolors ― Kyoto’s Four Seasons in Watercolor Painting,” the exhibit will feature approximately 60 watercolor paintings by Takiko Kuroiwa representing Kyoto’s famous sights, festivals, and seasonal sceneries.

Tohoku Oktoberfest

Tohoku Oktoberfest is a German beer festival that comes to Sendai every June and September. Grab a drink and find your way to the beer hall for the real experience! 

Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri 2018

Stretching from Ueno to Asakusa, Shitamachi Tanabata features countless decorations, dancing, food and streets and live performances. It's a great way to soak in the summer in the streets of Old Tokyo.

Alishan Food Carnival 2018

Once a year in the summer, all Alishan staff -- and that includes staff that do not regularly work at the cafe's kitchen -- don their aprons and take up the challenge of creating delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes using select ingredients from Alishan's wide range of organic products. Join the celebration of food that's good for your body and the planet.

Heron Dance

The Heron dance is a longstanding tradition in Tsuwano, protecting people from illnesses since about 400 years ago. The white feathers represent the cleanness and pureness, while two men in red wigs fend off demons.

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