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Ogose Summer Festival

The Ogose Summer Festival is an annual event with fireworks, floats, and fun for everyone. Held in late July in Saitama, the festival combines small town charm with the joys of summer.  

Koma Shrine Thanksgiving Day

Koma Shrine celebrates its more than 1300 year history in a two-day event, beginning at 16:00 of May 19 (Saturday). On May 20 (Sunday), festivities begin at 10:00 and run until 15:00.

The 7th Hanno Handicraft Fair

At the Hanno Handicraft Fair, professional craft artists from Hanno City and neighboring areas along the Seibu Line (specifically Toshima Ward and Chichibu City), who work with ceramics, wood, dye, glass, and metal get together to showcase their gorgeous handmade work. This year, there are at least 100 vendors signed up to sell handicrafts and food and is the highest number of vendors since the fair was conceptualized.

The Magic of Fireflies

Older generations of Japanese would likely have fond memories of watching fireflies, called hotaru, in the early summer. Nowadays, with massive urban development, fireflies are disappearing. Only in pristine environments, like Kinchakuda, can you still find these magical lights.

Terasaka Firefly Festival

On July 7 this year (Saturday), the Terasaka Rice Terraces in Yokoze, Chichibu, will be open to the public for a special summer lights festival. Aside from the natural population of fireflies in the largest rice terraces in Saitama, there will be some 600 lights scattered throughout the area.

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