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Sahoro Resort

See the wild brown bears up close

Speaking of wild animals in Hokkaido, most would immediately think of the big brown bear. It is the largest land animal in the north of Japan, and is sometimes called “king of the land”. Here at Sahoro Resort, where wild brown bears inhabit the surrounding areas, you can see them up close in an almost natural environment. The bears are allowed to roam freely in an area bigger than the size of Tokyo Dome.

There is a high-rise walkway through the forest where you can observe the bears. To get closer to the bears, there is a bus that brings you right next to the bears or you can also drive your own car in.

Not only for bear watching, the entire area is a huge resort with many other summer facilities. Sports activities like golf, cycling, tennis, table tennis, water activities like canoeing and rafting, fishing at the fish farm or river, horseback riding, craft experiences like pottery and chopsticks making, or even beetle hunting are available at the resort. With almost two hundred rooms, restaurants and a spa, the resort serves as a good weekend getaway from city life.

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