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AKB48 "Fortune Cookie" 25 Hot Spots

Tour Kanagawa Prefecture via Japan's most popular song

Do you like music? Sure you do! So why not enjoy traveling through Kanagawa Prefecture to the beat of some really great music?!

The last time I visited the Kanagawa Prefecture Government offices, I received a 40 page booklet promoting the Kanagawa version of the hugely popular AKB48 upbeat, optimistic, happy-go-lucky song and YouTube video "Fortune Cookie." Actually, 'hugely popular' is an understatement: It was and still is a mega-hit. The Kanagawa version was seen over 2.4 million times within the first week of its release, in part because it features Kanagawa governor, Yuji Kuroiwa and his staff, dancing and singing along to the song. Kanagawa is not the only locale to put together a "Fortune Cookie" video. At last count, more than 1000 companies, universities, local governments, sports teams, and groups of friends have come out with their own versions.

Watch the video

There is even a version going round the internet by a group of friends in England, dancing to the song in front of just about every famous place you can name in the country. The Kanagawa version is the same, and in the space of less than four minutes, shows you all of the towns and cities in the prefecture, along with some of its most famous tourist spots.

So then, here are some of those main spots of interest featured in the Kanagawa video, with links to JapanTravel stories about them. I highly recommend you watch the Fortune Cookie videos--you"ll love them--and that you also visit these truly interesting places in Kanagawa!

Yokohama Area

Kawasaki area

Miura, Kamakura and Shonan area

Odakyu Line area

Odawara, Hakone area

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