Osaka Prefecture

Enjoy a faster pace in Kansai's capital

 By Jeannie Gan   Oct 31, 2011

Osaka has something to offer each and every one of her visitors. Osaka sits in the center of Japan and is blessed with mountains, sea and rivers. Come any season and Osaka is always vibrant and dynamic. Osaka is also known as the Water metropolis. Either enjoy the boat ride in central Osaka or be mesmerized by the fireworks in summer, this city of water and light has a lot to offer.

Osaka has been a famous hub to western Japan dating back from the 7th century. Modern day Osaka is home to businesses and corporations that move the economy of this Island country with her 3.7 million day-time inhabitants. Yet with all the people around, Osaka is named as the most livable city in Asia, based on stability, health care, education, infrastructure, culture and environment, outranking Honolulu and New York!

Osaka also has a traditional facet to give you a lasting Japan experience. From the brimming temples and shrines to castles and buildings, come and experience modern and traditional Japan in this cultural metropolis. Why not take a stroll back in time in the old town in Kishiwada, or plunge into the modern metropolis at Umeda Sky Observatory.

For shoppers out there, the shopping districts offer a plethora of goods and fashion to fill your appetite. And when you need to take a rest and replenish yourself, Osaka has so much food to offer thus also named as Kuidaore- eat till you drop. Come savour the takoyakis and okonomiyakis while being captivated by the bizarre neon lights in center Osaka.

Osaka is a city full of life and joy, come and be a guest and enjoy the Osaka hospitality!

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Written by Jeannie Gan
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