Hotel Felice Akasaka

A conveniently located hotel for exploring Tokyo

By Kim    - 2 min read

When it comes to hotel stays, a convenient location is often at the top of the requirement list. Akasaka’s Hotel Felice delivers this, and is situated less than five minutes walk from three different subway stations.

The rooms themselves are extremely modern, with chic decor and stylish design elements. As is often the case in Tokyo, the rooms aren’t the biggest, but they optimize space in clever ways, including the use of mirrors to make the rooms feel large and open. The rooms are also equipped with a touch screen information device that gives details about hotel amenities and services, including the option for delivery of your luggage directly to the airport if required. You’ll also find all the creature comforts you’ll need to make your stay a pleasant one, including free toiletries, a strong WiFi connection (and comfy desk!), and in-room tea making facilities. Free coffee is available in the lobby.

On the 9th floor of the hotel you’ll find a public bath facility. In room baths and showers are standard, however if you’d like to relax in a larger space the public bath is the perfect spot for this. You’ll get an additional swipe card when you check in which provides access to the communal bathing area - just be sure to bring the towel from your room with you, as there are no towels by the bath area itself.

The hotel has an on-site restaurant where you can opt for a buffet breakfast if you wish, however there are several convenience stores within a matter of minutes away on foot. The streets surrounding the hotel are also packed with lively restaurants, cafes and bars.

Getting there

Hotel Felice is conveniently located within a short walk from several Tokyo Metro Subway Stations - just three minutes on foot from Akasaka Station, four minutes from Akasaka-Mitsuke Station, and five minutes from Tameike-Sanno Station.

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Kim @kim.b

I'm an expat who has lived abroad for almost a decade, including 7 years in Japan. I've also visited 44 of 47 prefectures and hope to get to the last three someday! I'm particularly fond of exploring off the beaten path destinations, gardens, and tea houses, and have a real interest in Japan's growing vegan scene.

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
Free coffee is a real plus. Many Japanese hotels are content to provide free tea only.
Kim Author a year ago
It was a nice fancy machine too! You could get all kinds of coffees from it...cappuccino, macchiato and more!
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Akasaka-Mitsuke? Swish.
Kim Author a year ago
Price wasn’t actually bad either! For the location it’s worth it!
Elena Lisina a year ago
I always look for a hotel with a public bath! It's good for relaxation, isn't it?
Kim Author a year ago
Yes! A wonderful spot to relax and decompress!