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Oishi Highland Silver Grass

Enjoying an autumn drive to the no. 1 pampas grass spot in Kansai

You know that you are addicted when you cannot stop doing something. This is what happened to me when I saw this wide expanse of silvery-white pampas grass. I just could not stop taking photos. Yep, photos of grass, one after another.

Called susuki in Japanese, the view of pampas grass heralds late autumn and the beginning of winter in Japan. Searching for colorful leaves has become a must-do activity but seeking out these beautiful fields of silver grass on one of Japan’s highlands is equally rewarding. A late autumn road trip with my friend took me to Oishi Kogen, a highland just south of Osaka Prefecture. It is the ultimate silver grass spot in the Kansai area.

If you like panoramic views, short hikes and driving windy roads, then a trip to Oshi Kogen is for you. You can combine this trip with a visit to the mikan (satsuma mandarin) orchards in Arida, drive through secluded Kimino Valley and even drive all the way to Mount Koya on the next day of your trip. On the way to Mount Koya, you will also pass by the Katsuragi area, which is famous for kaki (persimmon). Mikan and Kaki are also part of the autumn scenery in this part of Japan just like pampas grass.

There is a small campsite there. Registration and the payment of a fee should be done at the Yamanoie, the rest house by the parking area on Oshi Highland. They are open for business from 9:30 to 16:30. You can reach them by phone at: +81 (0)73-489-3586 (in Japanese only). I came by car this time but will drive up on my motorbike next autumn. One reason to camp here is for watching the starry night sky and possibly even a full autumn moon.

Getting there

Access is best by car. I suggest you rent a car or drive your own, if you live in Japan. You can rent a car at Kainan Station on the JR Kinokuni Line. It is a 45 minutes drive to the top of Oshi Kogen. Renting a car at Kansai International Airport or in the Osaka area is also a good option.

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