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16 Ways To Get Romantic In Japan

From a love hotel to a private hot spring, feel the <3

From gourmet dinners with a view to scenic train rides, these 16 romantic-and-Japan-centric places and activities are perfect for Valentine's Day or any special get-away. No matter what time of the year it is, it'll be a memorable date in the land of the rising sun.

Day-Trip Dates

  1. Enoshima: Spa and Love Locks

    Visit the quaint island of Enoshima on the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture for the perfect date day trip. Highlights include the EnoSpa, which has different types of indoor and outdoor hot springs and pools overlooking the ocean, as well as a restaurant and couples massages. Later, walk up to Love Bell Hill. Buy a “love lock,” write your names on it, ring the bell and keep the keys: one for you and one for your partner. Oh la la!
  2. Chiba: TDS and Go-Karts

    Disney might not be the first thing you think of when “romance” comes to mind, but it’s a super popular date spot in Japan. Tokyo DisneySea, in particular, is most popular for date night, with attractions like “The Tower Of Terror.” For those couples who require even more action, try indoor go-karting in Chiba City! Race with some friendly competition and then have a beer or two.

  3. Yokohama: The Perfect Date Yokohama is Tokyo’s more chill relative, and a lovers’ paradise indeed. Take a romantic walk on the boardwalk, visit Cosmo Town for fun and entertainment, or take a cruise on Yokohama Bay. And, that’s just the start of it!

Travel Lovers

  1. Kyoto: Love Shrine and Romance Train

    First, if you’re looking for love or looking to stay in love, visit Jishu Shrine Kiyomizudera, or “The Love Shrine.” Second, why not take a ride on the train that has “romance” in its title because of the beautiful views and romantic atmosphere. Ride the Sagano Romance Train.
  2. Hokkaido: Candle Walk/Snow Fest Take a snowy candle-lit walk in Japan’s northern-most prefecture at this yearly event that's held in February. Or view the magnificent snow sculptures at the Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo for your destination Valentine's date. But, truth be told, Hokkaido is gorgeous in any season.
  3. Kumamoto: Private Onsen

    If you're the more private type, try this gorgeous private hot spring bath area in Kumamoto. Bathe in healing and relaxing hot springs together in outdoor scenery or indoors. Private baths can be found easily in any "onsen town" in Japan. Here's what you need to know before you go.
  4. Okayama: Beauty of rural Japan Get out of Tokyo! You’re probably wondering where Okayama is, right? Good. So will everyone else when they leave you alone to explore this quiet yet scenic prefecture.

Enjoy The View

  1. Tokyo: Skytree

    Adventure and ridiculously great views of Tokyo from the highest building in Japan. Grab a bite at one of the various cafes or restaurants in SkyTree or SkyTree mall after or during your visit.
  2. Yamanashi: Swan Boat Ride Take a swan boat ride on Lake Kawaguchiko with the view of Mt. Fuji in the background. After, checkout a slew of tourist spots, and try the area’s famous dish: thick noodle soup called “Hoto.”
  3. Tokyo: Stellar Garden Lounge Share romantic drinks or dining on the 33rd floor of the beautiful Prince Park Tower Tokyo Hotel lounge.

Adults Only

  1. Tokyo: Sex Toy Bar

    Yeah, it might be a little direct, but as long as it’s in a secluded room somewhere in Tokyo, it’s OK… Right? An option for the wild ones in Shibuya to try out, well... go and see for yourselves.
  2. Aomori: Mixed Onsen
  3. Live a little and enjoy spending time together at a mix-gender onsen in this northern prefecture of Japan. Mixed-gender onsens have declined in popularity in recent years, but you can still find them scattered around Japan.
  4. Literally All Over: Love Hotels

    "Love Hotels," as the name suggests, are hotels especially for couples. They might make you feel a little uncomfortable at first, but the truth is that most of them are fully equipped hotel rooms that are perfectly "normal" in Japan. Many come with large hot tubs, a sauna and even karaoke, for decent prices. Whether it’s for romance or just for fun, checking out a love hotel will light up your night and give you a view into Japanese culture. There are love hotel districts all over Japan, but here is one popular (and generally safe) area in Shibuya. Ease the culture shock by reading our guide before you go.

Didn’t see anything that interests you? You can get help planning your very own getaway in Japan with our trip planner.

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